is for regional Australian communities to be the most livable places in the world.


is community-based leadership development.

“Never doubt that a small group

of thoughtful, committed

citizens can change the world;

Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

Margaret Mead


are fulfilment, authenticity, honesty, honour, respect, balance, engagement, belonging, inclusion, participation, growth, challenge, results & action focus, & above all else, acting with integrity.


is to advance and develop the leadership potential in the community using vital projects as a platform.


In August 2016 a group of passionate Tamworthians participated in a Leadership Program called 10X Tamworth, the 10X Concept of Community Based Leadership Development which is built on relationships and networks. The 10X concept, delivered by Dr Gene Early and Deb Maes, is a Network Model of Leadership. The project aim was to develop the leadership capacity within the Tamworth Region, by developing and modelling a Culture of Inclusion – a community where all its residents feel respected, valued and included. In January 2017, the group met to decide how they could contribute and leverage their own efforts, resources and networks, to make Tamworth Region the most livable Region in Australia. Out of those discussions the brand Regional Unlimited formed. Regional Unlimited is now Company Limited by Guarantee registered, and operates as a Not For Profit, seeking Charity status. We work on specific projects, such as ‘RU Volunteering’, in partnership with NGOs, government at all levels and Corporate organisations.The first project identified was to provide a single ‘Hub’ for community information of What’s on When What’s needed Where in the Volunteer space. This project is possible because of the partnership with Tamworth Regional Council and due to the dedicated work of Veronica Filby under John Sommerlad.







Spread the word! The more people who find out about a Regional Unlimited, the more support it will get; post a link to the project site on your Facebook page, include it in your email-signature, print out the project page and pin it on a noticeboard or donate anonymously.